Osha Lifting Equipment Safety Analysis

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This photo shows a construction crane accident that occurred on Tuesday, April 11, at the site of a mid-rise apartment building under construction at 2134 Western Avenue in Seattle. Photo is courtesy of Catherine Miller. (Courtesy of Catherine Miller) Compass is working with the state and the crane supplier. State officials said it could take up to six months to figure out what happened. Our company views safety performance and keeping our people safe on the job as the key measurement of project success, Selin said in the email. Selin added that a passing bicyclist was unhurt after debris from the accident hit his tire. He did not respond to other questions, including who supplied the crane. Pedro Espinoza, a senior organizer for the local carpenters union, said the union already had been protesting safety standards and other concerns at the job site before the crane accident. Workers had picketed with signs a couple times in March, he said. Most Read Stories Unlimited Digital Access. $1 for 4 weeks. The workers told us theres a lot of safety concerns that they have, Espinoza said.

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